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AAA Storage Announces Pandemic-Relief Program for Delinquent Self-Storage Tenants
AAA Storage operates 14 self-storage facilities in Florida and Texas

July 7, 2021:  The eligible customers are invited to reclaim the entire contents of their storage unit without having to pay the outstanding balance or go through the lien process, according to a press release.  The customers, who take benefits of the offer are asked to leave the space empty and “broom clean.” In exchange, they will be given a receipt showing a zero balance.

While the states in which we operate provide laws allowing storage facilities the right to place storage liens on seriously delinquent tenant units—where unit contents may be sold at public auction—at AAA Storage, we really hate selling our tenants’ stuff. We want to give our tenants the opportunity to reclaim their belongings, without fees, penalties or the hassles of the delinquency process. So, we’ve decided to let these tenants have all their stuff back. They’ve suffered so much already. This is the right thing to do.”  Said by Dal Anderson, a company spokesperson.

The “AAA Storage Summer 2021 Pandemic Relief Program” is an extension of the company’s moratorium on auctions and rate increases that were enacted last spring. When this thing hit hard in April 2020, we ceased all auctions and rate increases. And while we have since lifted that moratorium, the idea of selling off units at auction just didn’t feel right.” Anderson added.

Customers are invited to provide written permission for AAA Storage to donate usable items to a local charity.  If a tenant is unable or uninterested in claiming their belongings.

AAA Storage operates three facilities in Florida and 11 in Texas. The sites offer climate-controlled, drive-up and vehicle storage.