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  • What is self-storage?

  • Self storage is a convenient way to store excess inventory or achieved records. Self Storage facilities lease space to individuals, usually storing household goods, or to small businesses, usually storing excess inventory or achieved records.


  • How secure is self storage?

  • The storage unit secured by a padlock that only you have the key to. Most self storage companies monitor with help of a security cameras and with full fencing.


  • How much space will I need?

  • You can use the space calculator to find exactly how much space you will need.


  • Are my belongings insured?

  • You will need to take separate insurance to cover your possessions while they are in the storage


  • When can I access my storage unit?

  • Most self storage companies are staffed during the normal business hours. Many site offer 24hr access using a special access code that will be given during your first visit.


  • How can I find the nearest self storage facility for me?

  • You can search self storage companies by zip or by city to see and compare facilities in your local area.


  • How can I contact the facilities?

  • With several options you find on Self Storage Tracker such as contact phone, e-mail id, request a quote, etc you could choose one of them to contact the storage facilities.


  • Are there any items that are not allowed for storing?

  • Items which are harmful, flammable, contaminated or illegal items should not be stored in a storage unit.


  • How are the charges for renting the storage unit?

  • The charges vary depending upon the facility and area. The storage unit charges are applicable on a monthly basis. You can search self storage facilities in your area and compare prices.
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