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Canadian self-storage operator Dymon Targets Toronto for Expansion
Dymon’s current portfolio comprises 8,000 self-storage units

September 20, 2015: Canadian self-storage operator Dymon Storage Corp., which has seven facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, plans to develop nearly 80 storage projects in the greater Toronto area. 

According to the source, the expansion plan will place Dymon Self Storage locations between Hamilton and Oshawa, Ontario. Reports:
Dymon, which owns retirement properties in the Ottawa area, built its first self-storage facility in 2006. “We toured North America to dozens of facilities, and we identified the key attributes of those that seemed to perform better than average,” Creighton told the source. “We brought them all back and added a whole bunch of unique features, and we created this Dymon storage brand.”

When its Toronto expansion is complete, Dymon expects to manage a 10 million-square-foot portfolio. 

The company requires 125,000 square feet for its self-storage developments. It prefers to own the real estate on which it builds but is open to leasing or other arrangements. 

According to the source, Dymon self storage has incorporated rooftop solar panels at its locations in Ottawa and it is the city’s largest producer of electricity in the private sector. 

Service offerings include climate-controlled units and free access to a fleet of moving trucks with professional drivers. “We typically don’t do things status quo; we really try to do things unique,” Creighton said.