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Valet Self-Storage Business Roary Launches in Auckland, New Zealand
The company founders Rowan and Ryan Cockayne, have spent $4M in building a 1,000-square-meter storage warehouse in Auckland

September 8, 2015: Auckland brothers Rowan and Ryan Cockayne are poised to capitalise on Auckland’s rising number of apartments, launching a valet storage service aimed at householders with limited space.

The company has an online portal which enable users to schedule item pickup, maintain a catalog of stored bins and bulky items, and schedule delivery of goods to their home. Reports: 
Unless you’ve got huge closets or you just don’t buy much stuff, the only way to minimize clutter is with offsite storage,” Ryan Cockayne said. “However, research tells us that most of the people dislike driving back and forth to a storage facility and paying for space they don’t use. So we remove the hassle of transport and safekeeping and apply a per-item and by-the-bin storage fee.”

Similar to other valet-style storage operators, Roary provides by-the-bin storage targeted at urban residents who doesn’t have suitable home storage. 

According to a press release, the customers can store goods for as little as $5 per month, with delivery and pickup prices beginning at $8.

The company officials said that, Roary storage warehouse provides security precautions including closed-circuit television, electronic security systems and additional “mantraps”.

The Cockaynes believe Roary is the first valet-storage business in New Zealand. Boxly, a startup valet-storage operator that launched service in Melbourne, Australia, in April, previously said New Zealand would be a target for expansion.