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William Warren Group (WWG) Affiliate announces the acquision of SoCal Self Storage in Loma Linda, CA
The property has been sold for $2.55 million

July 15, 2015: An affiliated company of the William Warren Group recently acquired SoCal Self Storage in Loma Linda, California. The property has over 38,000 rentable square feet and it is near a retail center on a major street. The facility features a manager’s apartment, video cameras, rental office and visible signage. reports:
“This is a great smaller property situated in a busy shopping center,” said Dean Keller, president of Bancap, who was the sole broker in the transaction. “Now is a good time for both self-storage buyers and sellers, as we are seeing historically high prices and low cost of funds in virtually all markets of California and nationwide.”

Situated in Santa Monica, California, William Warren Group (WWG) acquires, develops and manages nearly 100 self-storage facilities in various states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina and Texas.