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City planners approved self-storage project in Medina, New York
The facility will be built on West Avenue, which borders Maple Ridge Road

July 12, 2015: James Lustumbo, Real estate developer recently received final approval from the Medina, N.Y to construct a self-storage facility on a vacant lot between the Lake Wood Village mobile-home park and a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. Reports:
I think it will be filled by the people there, so many said they needed it,” Lustumbo told a source. “It was driven by the people who live in the park.”

According to “The Daily News”, James Lustumbo expects to have construction complete within a few months. 

City planners approved the project after no opposition was raised during a recent public hearing. 

According to the “Orleans Hub,” a community website, James Lustumbo plans to construct the facility in two phases, with phase one encompassing 25 units and the second phase comprising the remaining 24 spaces.