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The Pulley family plans to convert former dry cleaning business to self-storage

The property is located in Oxford, OH

May 21, 2015- The Pulley family got permission from the city council for the conversion project. The former dry cleaning business will be converted into a climate controlled self-storage facility in Oxford, OH. The property is located at 801 S. Beech St. and the conversion project is expected to begin within a year according to Scott Webb, the architect in charge of the project. reports:

The Pulley Family hopes to “dress up the neighborhood,” Webb said. The project could become a community corner celebrating the city’s history, said Jeff Pulley. It would be similar to “Slant Walk: A Historical Path,” a well-known trail that runs through the Miami University campus in Oxford.

The property was zoned for general business but was approved for a conditional-use permit by the city council. The property was used to run smaller business over the years since the plant’s closing. The Pulleys have decided to convert the 2-acre property to self-storage.

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