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U-Haul provides 30 Days of Free Self-Storage to Oklahoma Residents Affected by Recent Tornadoes and Flooding

It offers U-Haul Take a Box, Leave a Box assistance Program


May 12, 2015: The U-Haul Company of Oklahoma City is providing 30 days of free self-storage to all residents who were affected by devastating tornadoes and severe storms. It also offers U-Haul Take a Box, Leave a Box Program, the people who need boxes can take advantage of this Program.

The program permits customers to return their reusable boxes and allows others to take the boxes as needed which are completely for FREE. Anyone who has any type of reusable box can drop it at the nearest U-Haul location and allow another family to reuse the box, it is completely for free, instead of throwing the reusable box into the dust bin.

To know more information about free self-storage assistance program contact below office address.

U-Haul Company of Oklahoma City

7525 SE 29th Street

Midwest City, OK 73110

(800) 522-4236