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Sunnyside Self Storage is now offering full delivery and storage solution through Easy Storage Service
The self-storage firm has recently announced the addition of a new service to its comprehensive suite

March 13, 2015- Easy Storage Service will offer services to clients across Greater Vancouver, from West Vancouver through to Abbotsford. It will include a complete delivery and storage system for their residential and commercial moves. reports:
For those homeowners who have planned their new home move well in advance, it’s important to make the transition as seamless as possible. To ensure the new buyers can move in quickly, personal belongings must be removed from the seller’s home and then placed in storage ready to be sent to the new home once the purchase has been completed. Instead of dealing with separate moving and storage firms, home sellers in Greater Vancouver can now turn to Sunnyside Self Storage for a dynamic new moving solution.

The service begins when the client orders their personal trailer to be delivered to their home. It will be delivered the following day for just $100.Clients can order boxes and other moving supplies online, along with the trailer. After that the trailer is picked up by the self-storage firm the following day and stored until needed. The client can call Sunnyside Self Storage after completing home move to have their trailer delivered directly to the new home for just $100.

To get complete information, contact the offices of Sunnyside Self Storage directly at (604) 531-5550 or visit:

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