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South America self-storage developer Incapital S.A.C.plans to open storage facility in Lima, Peru
Investor and self-storage developer Christian Duerr of Incapital S.A.C. will open state of art facility

January 5, 2015- David Blum, president of Better Management Systems LLC (BMS), a U.S.-based consultant will be assisting Christian Duerr in this self-storage project. The facility in Lima, Peru will be branded as DepoSeguro. It is expected to be open in the third quarter. reports:

“The challenges faced in Peru were not unlike those in similar Latin markets in the very early days,” Blum said. “DepoSeguro will be a 10-story monument to what has been a three-year journey to bring the latest in design and technology to self-storage in Peru.”

BMS was founded in 2003 and has worked on various projects throughout Central America, Europe, the Middle East and South America. The company supports in self-storage feasibility, development and management.

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