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Allstate Self Storage announces innovative security systems for maximum safety of customer’s belongings
Allstate Self Storage has announced that it will be implementing innovative security systems at its key locations

July 25, 2014- Allstate Self Storage offers residential and commercial storage options to its customers. It has advanced security systems which helps the customers feel confident. The facilities have advanced electronic digital security systems. reports:

Allstate Self Storage has stated on more than one occasion that it takes great pride in protecting the personal belongings of its customers. The company goes out of its way to ensure that the maximum levels of security are always in place.

The self-storage units offer climate controlled storage, evaporative cooler storage, standard storage with security at affordable rates. The company website allows customers to various packing and moving storage solutions.

Allstate Self Storage has storage facilities in Arizona, Nevada, Indiana and Minnesota. Visit: or call 602-466-7013 for more information.