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Self-storage in Coventry, Connecticut will be installing 242 rooftop solar panels
Coventry Self Storage will produce 100% electricity for its facility

May 22, 2014- The solar panels installation is part of a community effort called Solarize Coventry, a discount buying program connected to a statewide effort to increase solar-energy use and renewable resources. reports:

"While it will take several years to recoup the investment, we believe it is important for all businesses to be environmentally friendly as possible," Goodin and Dubaldo (owners of the self-storage) said. "Coventry Self Storage is also helping its neighbors and friends go green and reduce their carbon footprint by providing recycling for computers and other electronic products."

Encon Solar of Stratford, Connecticut will be installing the 58-kilowatt, photovoltaic system at the self-storage in Coventry.  It will be operational in July.

Coventry Self Storage has more than 400 units in six buildings. The electricity is used mainly to heat and cool two climate-controlled buildings and power lighting according to Goodin. Coventry Self Storage is one of the first commercial properties to install solar-panel system, Goodin said.