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Property owner Joseph Montano gets approval for proposed Green Mountain Self Storage facility in Wilmington, VT
City's development review board approved for a conditional-use permit last week

April 17, 2014- Joseph Montano is planning to construct two storage buildings consisting of 7,500 square feet of rentable space. The self-storage will have 144 units. Montano expects to open the business in July.

Board member Sherry Brissette once lived inside the building and told her colleagues that Montano had added "great improvements" since purchasing the property.

The proposed storage facility in Wilmington, VT will have 25-foot wide aisles to provide better vehicle access to units and motion-activated LED lighting.

The property has two one-story "cottages" on the site which will be demolished. Another multi-family dwelling will be retained. A fence will be separating the storage facility from the residence. Montano is expecting to draw business from business owners who require storage space for inventory and also from residents with second home.