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Riverwood Self Storage offers mobile storage facility to its customers
The Container on Wheels (COWs) sport cartoon cow characters on the black spotted sides

April 3, 2014
- The Container on Wheels (COWs) has opened recently at 219 Riverwood Ave., with Riverwood Self Storage. The containers owe its theme to its acronym, COWs.

According to David Nathan, Vice President of Rectangles, the theme has been selected to relieve stress such as moving items in one of the storage units or while preparing to move. reports:
"Our containers allow a family to take a day, a week, a month to move for about the same price as a U-Haul," Nathan said. "We take great pride in our branding. We have a lot of fun."

COWs' mission is returning business to self-storage facilities. The company has around 60 markets around the country.

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