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"MiniCo Safety Shorts" video series introduced by MiniCo Insurance Agency
The video series offers safety and loss control training sessions for self-storage professionals

March 25, 2014- MiniCo Insurance Agency has launched "MiniCo Safety Shorts" video series as an initiative for self-storage owners, operators and managers. The first video is titled "Tenant Safety Checklist".

It is necessary for self-storage owners to take care of employee, tenant and guest requirements. The employees should be trained with proper safety measures to avoid costly claims against the facility. MiniCo Insurance Agency will be working on more videos which will be covering topics such as slip-and-fall injuries, proper lifting techniques, ladder safety, lock-cutting safety and the safe use of equipment and machinery. reports:

MiniCo President and CEO Mike Schofield said, "One of MiniCo's key objectives is to create a valued on-demand learning platform to which owners and operators may direct employees for safety and loss control training on a regular basis to enhance safety awareness and understanding. Our overall goal will be to create a destination for owners and operators to utilize when seeking loss control and safety resources."

The videos will have a link to a quiz so that the viewer remembers the subject matter.

MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC is a specialty insurance products and publications provider for the self-storage industry. It was founded in 1974. The company offers multiple specialty property and casualty insurance products for a variety of unique industries and exposures.

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