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Self-storage facilities may prove useful for "Doomsday Preppers"
"Doomsday Preppers" are a subculture of people who are preparing themselves for the end of the world

January 30, 2014- Preppers struggle and try to be self-sufficient during disasters caused by terrorism, nature and pandemics. In order to be prepared for such scenarios they have stored supplies such as medicine, water, fuel, non-perishable food rations, seeds, farming equipment, tools, back-up generators, gas masks, communication devices and non-electric appliances. Due to which self-storage can be an appropriate option for this group of people, according to blogger Maya Savanovich. reports:

"Storage units could be just the right answer for Doomsday Preppers, especially if they are looking for cost-effective ways to enhance their preparedness," Savanovich wrote. "What's more, you can terminate the rental agreement at any given time if you find a better plan or are forced to move to another location. But bear in mind that very few options will provide you with such flexibility."

Preppers can make use of self-storage amenities such as climate controlled units, security features, portable storage containers to store items in more than one location. Preppers have also formed community support networks on various social networking website.