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Steve Hajewski, marketing manager will be opening self-storage facility in Columbus, WI
Hajewski is marketing manager for Trachte Building Systems, a manufacturer and supplier of self-storage buildings

January 7, 2014- Steve Hajewski is an industry veteran and plans to open self-storage facility in Columbus, WI. The facility will have 14,000 square feet of rentable space. It will have 81 storage units. The property is located at the end of Transit Road and Highway 60. reports:

"Going through this has been a great education on the details of what our customers go through," Hajewski said. "Since 2005, I've been working at Trachte watching our clients succeed in this business. My wife and I saw the need in our own community and decided to take the plunge."

The self-storage will be part of a new development which will have Shopko retail outlet, grocery store and fitness center.

Trachte Building Systems is based in Sun Prairie, WI. The company manufactures and erects a series of engineered and customized steel self-storage systems. Hajewski has worked at the company for eight years.