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Manhattan Mini Storage teams up with Hipstermaid to offer a great deal for its customers
The New York's one of leading self-storage will be offering free storage and cleaning for the entire year

August 31, 2013- Hipstermaid is one of the famous cleaning services in New York. Manhattan Mini Storage and Hipstermain will offer free storage and cleaning for an entire year as a prize for no-purchase-necessary contest. The contest is open for anyone with Facebook account and it runs through December 2nd, 2013. reports:

"Space is tight in NYC, and you can't have a real party with five broken down bikes crowding your dance floor," adds Cathy Tang, Hipstermaid Co-Founder and CEO. "That's why we're thrilled to partner with Manhattan Mini Storage. Cleaner apartment, more space, more dancing. Win-win-win!"

Manhattan Mini Storage is owned by Edison Properties in New York. It is one of most popular self-storage facilities in New York. Edison Properties also owns various other properties which include workspace offices, executive offices, pre-built suites and more.

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Hipstermaid offers instant online booking for home cleaning. It has team of top-tier cleaning professionals and they use only natural cleaning products.

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