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Real estate developer Alfred Weissman plans to build self-storage in Pittsfield, Mass.
Alfred Weissman Real Estate LLC has requested for a zoning variance which is expected to be approved next week

August 10, 2013- The self-storage project will begin within a segment of retail building, once Alfred Weissman Real Estate LLC gets the approval.

The proposed self-storage facility will be spread across 37,880 square feet of the 105,625 square feet of retail space inside. The area is currently known as Gateway Plaza. The facility can be used by business tenants of the shopping center and local residents. reports:

Weissman, which is based in Rye, N.Y., but operates locally as Pittsfield Plaza Members LLC, has already begun working on lighting, sidewalks and clearing out the interior spaces of the retail facility, according to Beverly "B-Mile" Milenski, a broker with leasing agent RE/MAX Integrity Realtors.

Currently the self-storage facility is located in the interiors and is not visible from the road.  The developers are hoping that the project will revive the center and bring more development opportunities in the area.