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Ashcraft Inc., Pennsylvania based self-storage provider celebrates 100 years
Ashcraft Inc. operates Ashcraft Self Storage, Ashcraft Records Management and Storage and Ashcraft Truck Rental

August 8, 2013- Ashcraft Inc. is a family owned company. It has built its first self-storage facility in 1983. Today it offers 40,000 square feet of self-storage which and 9000 square feet of record storage. reports:

"In order for a business to continue for 100 years, a lot of changes have to be made," said George Ashcraft, 79, company president. "You have to be aware when and how to make changes or you do not succeed."

Ashcraft's father Harry started the family business along with his brother Clarence in 1913. They started with hauling commercial and industrial loads with the help of horses. Clarence left in 1919 as Harry continued to expand the business. The company grew in 1920s. George Ashcraft joined the company in 1952 and took over the business from his father in 1961 and moved into the self-storage in the 1980s.

Today he works along with his children son, Alan, and daughter, Nora Muccino.