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California Self Storage Association (CSSA) create a new “Employment Manual Template” for its members
CSSA & Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP, Bay area law firm of Lewis, joined forces to work on the new “Employment Manual Template”

March 30, 2013- The new “Employment Manual Template” will benefit its members from employment lawsuits and will create a new level of professionalism for those who currently do not have one in place for their teams. reports:

"This has been a very rewarding project those of us who work with the CSSA,” said Erin King, who heads up the CSSA office. "This new member benefit is a direct result of feedback we heard from owners after the manuals author spoke at our 2012 Owners Symposium in Walnut Creek. Immediately following her presentation on California employment law, many members came to us and told us how valuable it would be if the CSSA could offer an employment manual for members to make sure they keeping up with current federal and state employment laws while offering them a level of protection and ultimately a better experience for their employees.”

Lisa Barnett Sween is the Esq. Partner at the San Francisco office of Lewis Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP. She took the lead in creating the new manual and will be hosting 2-hour classes for CSSA members. The classes will be held in Northern California and Southern California. The dates are yet to be announced.

California Self Storage Association will be updating the Employment Manual Template annually. It is available for $299 at CSSA Store for its self-storage members.

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