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Security Public Storage raises funds for Charity Storage
Security Public Storage will be raising funds through self-storage auctions

March 19, 2013- Charity Storage donates the proceeds received from self-storage lien to local and national charities. Charity Storage is created by Lance Watkins, founder of the self-storage auction site

In order to raise funds, self-storage operators grant a storage unit which is used as a collection point for donated goods. Existing tenants, auction buyers and the local residents can donate items at these storage units. They will be given a tax-deductible receipt on donation. The storage unit is auctioned and sold.  The funds are donated to local charities. reports:

"Let’s face it, self-storage auctions and having to sell people’s goods is one of the lowest parts of our industry," said Ben Eisler, co-founder of Security Public Storage. "Charity Storage represents an opportunity to use the auction process to redirect the funds raised to people who really need it."

Charity Storage donates its net proceeds from every sale by dividing in 3 shares: 10% to the Self Storage Association Foundation, 30% to Kure It and remaining to local or national charity which is selected by the participating self-storage operator.

Security Public Storage was established in 1983. It has 43 self-storage facilities in California, Nevada and Washington D.C. metro area.

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