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Chelton Self Storage offers Boat and Car storage for its customers
Colorado Springs storage facility will be offering car and boat rental

February 19, 2013- Vehicles such as car requires proper parking in order to increase its life span and proper maintenance. When the vehicle is not in use for extended period of time, car storage would be the correct option to park the car. Boats also can be parked in storage units when not in use. This will help the owners protect car or boat from any kind of damage.

Car and boat storage will have required security and adequate storage options.  Owners will be ensured that their car or boat is safe and secure. Chelton Self Storage is offering ample car and boat storage in Colorado Springs storage facility. It will also supply motorcycle, boat, ATV, and car storage needs. reports:

Chelton Self Storage provides peace of mind for Colorado boat enthusiasts and car owners with its premier boat and auto storage options. Complete with a new 67,000 square foot personal storage complex located in central southeast Colorado Springs at 1950 Delta Drive

Interested customers can call: 866-530-7545 or visit for complete information.