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Self-storage facility manager in Maryland provides "Public Service"

Carl Godbee posts baseball and football game scores on the marquee outside West Ocean Self Storage

December 5, 2012- Carl Godbee does the activity as a service to the community. He has been following the tradition for Maryland based storage facility since 18 years.

He sincerely posts the scores for every Orioles and Ravens game on the facility marquee, rain or shine. The tradition was started by previously employed storage facility manager, who posted Orioles scores during his employment. reports:
According to Godbee, people occasionally call the facility and thank him for the scores. He says some passersby have even stopped in to rent space after seeing the marquee.

West Ocean Self Storage is Maryland based storage facility which is located just off Route 50. It has 500 storage units and also offers U-Haul truck rentals. It was opened in 1989.