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120 people bid on storage units at Chelton Self Storage latest auction

People placed bids on abandoned storage units at Chelton facility in Colorado Springs

November 13, 2012- Chelton Self Storage has had another successful storage unit auction on October 20, 2012. Many people bid on abandoned storage units at Chelton Self Storage located at Hancock and Delta Drive in Colorado Springs. reports:
"It was yet another successful auction for Chelton Self Storage," says Nathan Winterfield of the storage unit company. "We freed up some units and had about 120 bidders, the most we've ever had for an auction. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all."

The storage auctions are recorded for future use in advertisements and online media to give bidders an idea of storage auction. The storage unit locks are cut just before bidding begins and the highest bidder takes everything in the unit. Winning bidders would sometimes find cash, collectibles and more.

Chelton Self Storage has facilities in Colorado Springs, CO. It offers space for personal storage needs and has good vehicular access.

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