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Charity Storage & Kure It Cancer Research at present charity ways at SSA Conference & Trade Show

SSA Conference & Trade Show was held at Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas between September 5th & 7th

September 13, 2012- Charity Storage co-founder Lance Watkins’ started off with a presentation which was completely dedicated to self-storage auctions.  Charity Storage had Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson and his wife Laura appearing at the booth in the trade show. reports:
“I came in with the hope that we would be able to spread the message about the positive side of self storage auctions and in the process, let people know about Charity Storage,” said Watkins, co-founder of Charity Storage along with Barry Hoeven, Chairman of Westport Properties/ US Storage Centers.

Watkins and Hoeven created Charity Storage after recognizing the popularity of self storage auctions in self storage industry. They showed ways in which self storage industry could give back to society through special auctions whose proceeds benefit local and national charities.

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