Find Local Storage will be releasing Video Training Series to help storage auction hunters
The education video will feature Storage Wars stars and Troy Howerton from The Real Deal

September 13, 2012
- will be introducing the videos this October for storage auction hunters, pickers and garage sale resellers. The video series will be helpful for new buyers as well as auction veterans. They can get tips on how to evade from common mistakes and earn part-time/ full-time income in reselling business. reports:
"Storage auctions offer a viable path for the guy looking to build a significant side income as well as someone looking to start a full time business" said President and Founder Lance Watkins.

The video series will be telecast on television where key players of storage auctions have collectively put their efforts to guide viewers learn how to make living from reselling. The education series will feature Storage Wars stars Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson and Nabila Haniss, as well as Troy Howerton, who starred on The History Channel show The Real Deal.

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