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Tenant Property Protection Launches TPP Plus for Boat/RV Self-Storage Customers
Tenant Property Protection offers protection for goods stored in self-storage units

November 11, 2020:  Tenant Property Protection (TPP) has just launched a new plan designed for boat and RV storage. TPP Plus is an ADW/DR (accidental damage waiver/deductible reimbursement) plan that provides comprehensive projection for outdoor boat/RV storage while creating a revenue stream for facility operators, according to a press release.

TPP Plus protection plan eliminates the out-of-pocket expenses incurred when vehicle owners use insurance for damage claims. The zero-deductible, pay-with-rent plan protects against onsite accidents as well as external and internal damage, and offers up to $250 in vehicle-contents theft.

RV sales in the United States this year have increased 40 percent, with the trend expected to continue. Millennials comprise 38 percent of the segment, as per the release.

The RV and boat market is growing at a record pace. With TPP Plus, we’re excited to be the first company to meet the storage-protection needs of both the owners of these popular vehicles and the places where they park them.” Said by Terry Anderson, president and CEO.

TPP’s property-protection plans are designed to allow self-storage operators to provide tenant goods with coverage against losses from crime, pests and natural disasters, while enabling additional facility revenue.