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NexPoint Advisors Acquires Self-Storage Lender Jernigan Capital for $900M
JCAP is a publicly traded REIT listed on the New York Stock Exchange

November 9, 2020: An affiliate of NexPoint Advisors L.P., an investment advisory firm, has completed the acquisition of Jernigan Capital Inc. (JCAP), a merchant bank and advisory firm that also owns self-storage facilities, for approximately $900 million in cash.

Jernigan Capital’s executive officers are expected to remain with the company now that it’s a subsidiary of NexPoint, according to the “Memphis Business Journal” (MBJ).

JCAP is a publicly traded REIT listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company provides financing to private developers, operators and owners of self-storage facilities, offering funds for acquisition, ground-up construction, major redevelopment or refinancing. The firm is externally managed by JCap Advisors LLC.

NexPoint is a registered adviser to a suite of funds and investment offerings, including a closed-end fund, a business-development company, an interval fund and various real estate vehicles. It’s part of a multibillion-dollar global platform that specializes in alternative investments.