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Skyline Self Storage of Cape Coral, FL, Supports Future Forestry Summer Tree-Planting
Skyline Self Storage has so far provided the organization with 800 slash pines

June 15, 2020: Skyline Self Storage of Cape Coral is working toward a greener planet by donating trees to Future Forestry Corp. (FFC), which will plant hundreds of seedlings this summer. Skyline Self Storage provided 800 slash pines to the organization so far. FFC and community volunteers planted 200 of the trees near the northeast corner of Chiquita Boulevard and Veterans Parkway. 

This is good news for our city and good news for our future. It takes a few years to really see the results, but the results will be phenomenal.” Said by FFC Founder and President Russ Ringland.

The city’s natural tree canopy was cleared in the 1960s and 70s for residential development. Slash pine trees are a good fit because they don’t require pruning and can be planted closely. The pine needles that drop also inhibit grass growth.” Ringland said.

The rest of the pine seedlings will be planted over the next several Saturdays. “We plant during the rainy season because we plant so many trees that we could not keep up with watering all of them on a regular basis.” Ringland added.

Skyline Self Storage offers climate-controlled and drive-up storage, online billpay, video surveillance, a tenant-protection program, and moving and packing supplies.

Launched in 2004, FFC has a mission “to rebuild the forest canopy and in the process clean the air, water and make a great home for other native plants and animals.”