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Dollar Self Storage in Corona, CA hosts charity storage auction
Self storage raises $700 for charities including the Young Americans

July 26, 2012
- Dollar Self Storage teams with Charity Storage, a non-profit organization to raise funds by hosting storage auctions.

Self storage facility in Corona, CA raised $700 at a Charity Storage auction held July 11th. The funds raised will be received by The Young Americans, a national non-profit performing arts and educational company. reports:
"The auction was a hit," said Maria Smith, Manager of the Dollar Self Storage facility in Corona. "Several bidders were eager to win this unit because of the nice items that had been donated by our tenants, customers, friends and business partners. We would like to thank everyone who donated items and we look forward to our next auction! We are delighted to be involved with Charity Storage and believe that this is just the beginning of good things to come!"

Lance Watkins, Co-Founder of Charity Storage and also the CEO of StorageTreasures, created Charity Storage after seeing the popularity of self storage auctions. The net proceeds from the sale of each unit at a Charity Storage auction are split three ways – with 60 percent going to the charities chosen by the self storage facility holding the auction, 30 percent to Kure It Cancer Research and 10 percent to the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship program.