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Coronado Mobile Storage offering to convert storage units to make shift office
LAD Solutions is helping the mobile storage company in promoting the idea

July 3, 2012-
The process of converting mobile storage units to office space needs very less effort from the customers who are interested. The process included finding and purchasing a quality storage container, other that a small financial commitment.

Coronado Mobile Storage suggests its customers to look for "One Trip" container. The storage containers which have crossed the Pacific Ocean once are referred as "One Trip" container in storage industry. The mobile storage company recommends "Marine Survey," in case if one cannot find storage container. reports:
"Companies looking for a quick and affordable solution to a mobile office may consider purchasing a portable storage container. Containers can be outfitted with a lockbox, a variety of vents, roll-up doors, windows, typical doors for entrance, and the interior can be finished to create the appearance of a typical office."

Coronado Mobile Storage has more than 450 storage containers with 13 delivery vehicles.