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FollettUSA/Storage Star has named Matt Garibaldi as New President
The company operates 16 self-storage facilities under the Storage Star brand

March 26, 2019: The Sacramento based FollettUSA, which operates 16 self-storage facilities under the Storage Star brand, has named Matt Garibaldi as president of both companies. Storage Star is focused on acquiring, developing and managing self-storage facilities in California, Colorado, Texas, Utah and Washington. Under the leadership of Garibaldi.  FollettUSA will continue its investment strategy of building its management platform while offering investment opportunities to current and future partners.

Garibaldi was previously working as the co-head of acquisitions for FollettUSA.  He established the firm’s in-house self-storage management company and organized more than $2 million in self-storage transactions in 2017 and 2018. Before joining the FollettUSA, he served as a principal for private-equity firm American Infrastructure Funds LLC. Garibaldi earned a Master of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

FollettUSA based in Sacramento, California, and founded in 1989, started purchasing and operating storage facilities in 2003.  The company also owns or operates 30 manufactured-home communities in 10 states.