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Milt’s Mini Storage Expansion Approved in Bellevue, NE
The storage property will be allowed to extend south into 8.64 acres

January 20, 2019: The storage expansion proposal from Milt’s in Bellevue, NE was unanimously approved by the city council on Monday after the management agreed to a few concessions to appease residents.  Some house owners expressed concerns that the facility would interfere in their neighborhood, spoil wildlife habitat, reduce property values, create flooding problems and invite crime. 

The Milt’s Mini Storage facility will be allowed to extend south into 8.64 acres of wooded area, with six new structures to be built on the west side. Proposed parking for the south end of the site, where it extends into the neighborhood, has been nixed. Rather, the south end will remain a green space and contain a water-detention basin no more than 3 feet deep. A second basin, also no deeper than 3 feet, will be installed on the north end. There will not be any fencing around the south basin to encourage wildlife movement. Trees around the surrounding area will remain intact unless they interfere with construction.

Milt’s Mini Storage has proudly served local residents in the city of Bellevue for over 40 years. During this time, Milt’s has been a trusted provider for local businesses, residents and nonprofits. Our mission is to provide convenient, clean and affordable storage to the local community. Our proposed development to our existing location is a continuation of our mission. While we understand it’s impossible to please everyone, it is our intention to go the extra mile with our proposed development to be a ‘good neighbor.”  a representative of the storage operator wrote in a statement to the source.

Milt’s is a family-owned and -operated business founded more than 40 years ago. The company operates two facilities in Bellevue and six in Omaha, Neb.