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Box Self Storage in Cincinnati Meets Eco-Friendly Building Standards
The company recycled more than 95% of materials in the construction stage

January 09, 2019: Box self storage opened new self storage facility in October at Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is doing its part to help the environment and local community by using materials and processes that consume less energy and produce less waste.  The company recycled as much as possible materials during the construction time. It also focusing on ongoing eco-friendly practices. 
Box demolished an existing building and built a new one at 4725 Madison Road. The construction was done by following guidelines by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in conjunction with consulting firm Heapy Engineering. The company recycled more than 95 percent of resulting materials. 

Box invites its prospects and tenants to learn more about the facility‚Äôs Green initiatives and to explore the eco-friendly building.  

Self-storage owner and property-management firm Absolute Storage Management (ASM) is managing the Box Self storage. The company operates 116 properties in 14 states. The company headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., has regional offices in Atlanta; Charlotte, N.C.; Jackson, Miss.; and Nashville, Tenn.