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Empire Storage to Build Self-Storage Facility in Stamford, CT
The property will comprise 67,220 square feet in about 470 units. 

December 4, 2018: Empire Storage LLC is planning to build a three-story self-storage facility in the West Side area of Stamford, Conn. The company has received approval from the city for the construction project.  The property located at 11 Leon Place will comprise 67,220 square feet in about 470 units. 

The property will feature a mix of building materials on its fa?ade. The project will also include parking and site improvements. An attorney representing Empire, told city officials the property would be “the most attractive self-storage facility in the city, if not the state.”

The company agreed to improve the streetscape after receiving pressure from Land Use Bureau, which is in the process of formalizing “urban design guidelines”, according to the source. The company had an initial plan to develop housing facilities on the lot, but changed the decision after residents objected because of traffic issues.