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Ulmus Announces the Development of Eco-Friendly Self-Storage and Co-Workspace in Kelowna, BC
The five-story EcoLock Kelowna will be the first of its kind in North America

October 3, 2018: Ulmus Development Ltd. the parent company of EcoLock Kelowna plans to build a mixed-use, eco-friendly facility in downtown Kelowna, British Columbia. It will include self-storage and co-workspace. The building comprises 112,000 square-foot of space on Bay Avenue and Ellis Street. It will generate 105% of its electricity through solar and won’t link with the natural gas grid. It is expected to open in the next summer. reports: 
Buildings are the No. 1 producer of greenhouse gasses in North America, and this project is raising the bar for sustainable development. With 2.5 billion square feet of self-storage facilities in North America, many of the facilities are low-density, unproductive spaces that don’t contribute to the fabric of a neighborhood. EcoLock Kelowna will demonstrate that there are greener, more customer-focused alternatives to enable dense, walkable urban living and creative storage solutions.” said by Don Redden CEO of Ulmus Development Ltd.

The building will also contain co-workspace areas designed for local business owners who require a professional work and meeting area. The building’s internal walls will contain carbon by using BioFiber blocks. The blocks can be used to replace a significant amount of steel and concrete in a project.

The project was designed by the founder of an international architecture and planning firm McLennan Design, Jason F McLennan.