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New self-storage facility proposed for Carolina Forest, SC
Once approved, the three-story building would be the tallest in the area

October 27, 2017: A self-storage facility is being considered for the corner of Savoy Drive and Village Center Blvd. in Carolina Forest, an unincorporated community in Horry County, SC. 

The plan calls for 96,000 square feet of storage space in 668 climate-controlled units, said David Schwerd, deputy director for the county’s planning and zoning department. “It’s not going to be taller than the trees that are there, so it’s not going to be distracting in that sense,” Schwerd said, adding that the area needs another self-storage facility because most Homeowners’ Associations don’t allow storage sheds or accessory buildings on resident property. Reports: 
Some community members oppose the project. “I don’t find any point to that structure being there,” said Kathryn Stillman, who’d like to see a retail business, such as a CVS Pharmacy, developed on the property.

The site is currently zoned for self-storage, so a public-comment period isn’t necessary for project approval. “Within Horry County, as long as you meet all the required rules and regulations for development, and you’re zoned appropriately, then you do not have to go through any public-hearing process,” Schwerd said.

The developer has already submitted a site plan and applied for storm-water permits. Schwerd expects both will be approved soon, and then construction will commence.