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Pearl Street Commercial gets approval for mixed-use self-storage project in Woodstock, IL
The storage property will have 500 to 600 units

July 10, 2017: Pearl Street received approval to develop its proposed mixed-use property, which will include a self-storage facility and a Casey’s General Store, part of a Midwest chain of convenience stores.  

The 4,400-square-foot Casey’s, constructed on the south end of the property, is expected to open in four months. A vacant parcel on the corner of the site will be marketed to retail and restaurant outlets, a source reported.

I appreciate the investment in this corner,” said councilmember Mark Saladin. “I like the concept of having this lot available for another use. I know that Casey’s [in Crystal Lake, Ill.] appears to be a clean, well-run store. I know there are a lot of people that love that station.”

Turner, who originally opposed the project, hopes Pearl Street will attract higher-end businesses to the vacant parcel. “I like the lot, and I hope it's something creative, but that is up to you guys,” he said. “It’s a very prime traffic way, so something upscale would be nice if you could lure them in.”

Founded in Des Moines, Iowa, Casey's General Store operates 1,963 stores in 12 states.